Ongoing coverage following Coalition’s forestry commitments last week

There has been ongoing coverage following the Coalition’s $219 million forestry package announced last week.Read the full transcript of the Prime Minister’s media conference at Neville Smith Forest Products in Mowbray here, where he made the Coalition’s forestry announcement.Listen to an ABC podcast here, discussing the Coalition’s announcement. The Prime Minister is quoted in the story, saying the following about native forestry.“…under our government, we won’t support any shutdowns of native forestry and we will continue to work with state governments to create permanent timber production areas..” Prime Minister Scott MorrisonRead a transcript here of the Prime Minister’s interview with LA FM announcer, Mike O’Loughlin. Again if you missed it, read the Prime Minister’s media release on the announcement here and AFPA’s response here.

Please see a video below featuring Prime Minister Morrison, Member for Bass Bridget Archer and AFPA CEO Ross Hampton.


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