MRFH – Land Capability Assessment for Plantation Expansion

In a bid to foster sustainable plantation expansion and address barriers in the Murray Region Forestry Hub, the recently completed Plantation Land Suitability Analysis (MURR-2022-014) provides crucial insights for government consideration.

The Plantation Land Suitability Analysis was completed as part of a suite of reports that forms an understanding of the available and suitable land for the purpose of plantation

• The report aims to assist the reader and decision makers to analyse the barriers to plantation expansion in the Murray Region Forestry Hub area. This report utilizes data from
the Climate Forecast Model project that was completed in 2021.

• The report considers the following focal groups, as determined as significant by industry for the purpose of growing Radiata Pine, to determine the feasibility or suitability of land for
plantation expansion:
– Biophysical parameters for suitable plantation growth
– Physical constraints that restrict plantation location
– Permit zones and other considerations
– Land value

Read full report HERE

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